Roll on / Roll off

Provided that your boat does not exceed the size restrictions for RO/RO shipping , RO/RO service is the most common and also the most recommended way to ship your boat overseas.  Boats on trailers, are actually towed onto the ship by way of the ship’s ramp where they are stowed inside the belly of the ship and are securely lashed to the deck.   Upon arrival at the port of destination, the boat is simply towed off the ship.

Cradled boats are handled much the same way.  Cradled boats are placed on and secured to mafi trailers that are towed onto the ship and stowed inside the belly of the ship.  

RO/RO service is safe, secure and eliminates potential damage while the ship is at sea.  There is less handling, because the boat is simply driven on and driven off.  The boat is inside the belly of the ship and is safe from water and the elements.