International Shipping: Foreign Governments

Many foreign governments have laws that can effect your international vehicle shipment and impose duties on your cargo shipment. Please be prepared to provide receipts for any new merchandise in your international vehicle shipment. We strive to accurately inform you of all potential charges you may face for the international shipment of your vehicle. Any destination and importation charges accrued through the port of destination are ultimately the cargo owner’s responsibility.

Some countries also have restrictions on the model year of a vehicle that can be imported as well as certain safety or emission standards.  In advance of making the vehicle shipment, it is recommended you check with the consulate of the foreign government to which you are shipping cargo to, or receiving cargo from, to determine any levies or restrictions that would affect your move.

If you are shipping household goods and personal effects we recommend you contact the consulate office of your country to be advised of the most current regulations and possible duty taxes concerning your move.
Provided below is a link to the major embassies and consulates that can provide further information on duties and policies that may effect your international shipment: